2015 Croci Gutturino

2015 Croci Gutturino


Region: Italy, Emilio Romano

Grapes: Barbera & Bonarda

Frizzante (Sparkling)

Tasting notes (from the winemaker): This is joyful, juicy, dry, complex and boisterous. Great with the air-cured beef, Bresaola!

From the winemaker: This is a 'bottle fermented' effervescent red, due to the fact that the wine is bottled with remaining residual sugars and therefore the rest of fermentation, carried out in the bottle. Since the wine ferments in the bottle, aside from the 'fizz', there are also leftover lees. These lees are responsible for flavors, unseen by its counterpart; conventional 'frizzante' or sparkling wines. 

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