2015 Gunther Steinmetz Riesling 1L

2015 Gunther Steinmetz Riesling 1L


Region: Germany, Mosel

Grape: Riesling

From the distributor:  The majority (85%) of the estate's vineyards are on steep hills with slate soils. The winery has been in the Steinmetz family for several generations and Stefan continues the tradition of sustainable viticulture - no insecticides have been used in the vineyards for more than 25 years. Organic compost is applied to give the vines some nutrients in their meagre slate soils. There have been changes since Stefan took over the weingut, most notably the removal of every other row of vines and the switch to wire training in order to improve air circulation and allow more sunshine to reach the vines, both of which make for healthier grapes. Training the vines along wires also reduces yields, which are kept at less than half of what the law stipulates for the Mosel region. It is worth mentioning that 95% of the Steinmetz vines are more than 30 years old, some of them are even between 50 and 70 years old and ungrafted. The age of the wines is one reason why Steinmetz Rieslings often have concentrated flavors and a strong minerality. After a gentle pneumatic pressing of the grapes the must is left unprotected for a short amount of time to allow must oxidation, which prepares the finished wine for contact with air later on, keeping it from losing its fruit during maturation all too quickly.

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